A Living Room Remodel

Here's a before and after of a living room that I remodeled.  I filled the openings of the duct-work with concrete and installed new duct-work in the attic (the old ducts were under the slab, leaked water from the earth contact and were moldy as a result).  The lighting is actually quite amazing.  Not only is it on a dimmer, but each light can be maneuvered to whatever direction that is desirable or just removed all together!  I also removed a section of  kitchen wall to create a more open feel (that was just a preference our modern tastes in open vs closed spaces).  As you can see, I also replaced a small door and window with a large sliding glass door.  This allows maximum light and functionality for the room.  As an additional bonus, behind this camera view is an equally large window that allows an even greater sense of openness and natural lighting in the day.